The Council of Boards of School Education (COBSE) has been established as a non-profit, autonomous Organization. It is a consortium of all Boards of school education in India and abroad. It works for the promotion of school education including curriculum reforms and improvement of Educational systems.

Council of Boards of School Education will also help Education Boards in preparing quality syllabus and course materials in accordance with National Curriculum Framework 2005 prepared by NCERT.

School Education in India varies from state to state. There are many places in India where school education is not available. The objective of COBSE will be setting up of schools in states where school facilities are not available, especially in remote


places and hilly areas across the country. COBSE aims to make school education available to the students from weaker sections of the Society and dropouts. COBSE shall coordinate with different boards of the states and Ministry of Education, Govt. of India to promote and propagate school education, upholding the true spirit of ‘Right to Education’ of Govt. of India and ‘Education For All’ a global movement led by UNESCO.

Council of Boards of School Education will also provide its membership to Govt. Schools and Private (Aided & Unaided) Schools in order to ensure good quality education from Primary to Senior Secondary Level.” Quality of school education has been hampered due to the mushrooming of fake education boards therefore COBSE is committed to check genuineness of Education Boards. This will make certain that the students do not suffer owing to counterfeit deals.

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