Council of Boards of School Education seek to provide legal consultancy and support to all the member Boards in all the phases of educational proceedings. We provide administrative support pertaining to responsibilities and needs of education boards.

COBSE offers expert advice and support to obtain the desired result in the implementation of educational policies and activities initiated for the development of school education not only within the nation but also at a global level. There are various aspects of providing the advocacy in education services.

COBSE provides legal support, preparation, negotiation and representation in the following several areas.

  • Health education and care planning.
  • Special education needs.
  • School transport and exclusions.
  • Admission proceedings in schools.
  • Visually impaired student’s facilitation.
  • Verification of Education boards.
COBSE legal consultancy and support to all the member Boards

COBSE (Council of Boards of School Education in India) is an organization that provides a platform for various school education boards in India to collaborate and work together. COBSE does not provide legal consultancy and support to its member boards directly. However, COBSE can facilitate and coordinate legal support and consultancy services from external sources for its member boards.

In situations where a member board requires legal support or consultancy, COBSE can connect the board with legal experts and professionals who specialize in education law or related fields. COBSE may also organize training programs or workshops on legal matters relevant to school education for the benefit of its member boards.

It is important to note that the legal requirements and regulations for school education may differ from state to state in India. Therefore, it is essential for each member board to seek legal advice and support from qualified legal professionals who are familiar with the specific laws and regulations of the state in which the board operates.


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